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How we improve your business.

We provide sea freight, air freight, rail and road transport and customs clearance as part of a global group with over 200 offices. We move more than 800,000 TEU per annum by sea and over 20 million kg’s by air, all of which we cannot do without industry leading technology and great people. To improve your business, we make the below our priority.


Innovative Technology & Systems

Our approach to tech is all about giving transparency and certainty around your cargo movements, leaving our staff to spend their time solving your challenges. We invest in technology that simplifies the freight forwarding journey. We deploy the best systems available and develop our own technology to support them. Whale delivers system-to-system integration which feeds live data to your team, provides customer portal access controlled by you to suit your business and bespoke reporting. This gives you the visibility you need to keep management, logistics and clients up to date from purchase order to delivery.


Having the best network and technology means nothing if you can’t talk to someone who cares about your business. We know having the best people in this industry with the right mix of skills and knowledge provides you with the depth of experience that delivers results. We make sure every customer can contact our business when they need answers or advice. We do that by having an individual customer service team for every client.

Client Focus

With the best people in place, we focus on how you want to do business. For every single customer, Whale designs an individualised client plan which is delivered, and managed by their own dedicated customer service team. We organise to meet you and your team on a regular basis to ensure that your client plan stays relevant and continues to add value. To understand what your client plan could look like, contact us.

Essential Partners

As your freight forwarder, we act on your behalf. We select and work with partners who take the same approach to your cargo as we do. Whale ensures the partners we chose to work with align with our vision, mission and values and help us provide the highest level of service our customers are accustomed to.  


How we improve your business
How we improve your business
How we improve your business